We believe that ...

  • Private Enterprise is the heart and soul of the American economy

  • Small and Medium Businesses are best understood within the context of their local consumer markets

  • External Data is key to providing essential insights about small and medium businesses

Our team looks forward to helping you drive new revenue through a deeper understanding of your customers and markets.  We can add efficiency to your go to market strategy with actionable insights that unlock the potential hidden in your client base and market space.


The Latest from OX2: 

An assessment of the potential impact of Hurricane Florence in terms of winds, coastal storm surge and flooding from our partners at HazardHub. When you add in our Business Insights, you can also predict potential losses for contents and inventory, business interruption, as well as loan default risk, both consumer and commercial.

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We provide unprecedented coverage of US commerce with enhanced firm-o-graphics such as financial estimates, life-cycle, risk scores, propensity to use financial products and more...Our Data Resources:

  • Cover over over 97 percent of all operating companies in the USA: roughly 35 million active businesses & over 115 million historical firms

  • Include 20 million business owners and executives linked to both their business and residence to provide unique wealth insights

  • Include verified information on 284 million US individuals & 95 million homeowners: date of birth, emails, net worth, family income, leisure interests, presence of children and much more.

  • Include over 120 proximity-based risks including natural disasters, environmental, geographic, industrial and criminal activity.




Has extensive expertise in the following disciplines:

  1. Market Segmentation

  2. Marketing and Strategy Development

  3. Econometric Modeling

  4. Financial Analysis

  5. Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition

  6. Artificial Intelligence Applications

  7. Data Base Design and Development

  8. Operations Research

  9. Mathematical Modeling and Simulations





Include financial service companies, both large and small, throughout the USA.  Many times our services are offered through other trusted advisors such as consultancies, software providers, small business hubs, and industry associations.

We've worked with banks, credit unions, non-bank lenders, fintechs, insurers, advertisers, marketing organizations, transportation firms, utilities and telecoms as well as other firms that offer financing or financial services.