Technology and Big Data has fostered a new era in business.

Top executives, strategic planners, risk managers and marketing professionals have reached one common conclusion: the future belongs to those with the ability to transform a virtually unlimited supply of raw data into actionable intelligence.  Being able to identify the areas that hold the key to success and leveraging the right combination of resources to exploit every opportunity provides the basis for establishing a competitive advantage.

OX2 Solutions works with third party networks such as consultancies, small business hubs, software solutions, professional associations and other trusted advisers to deliver actionable intelligence to their clients.  These business intelligence solutions include risk, credit, supply chain, and marketing applications that provide unique insights about trading partners and markets.  A primary focus is on the small business marketplace, where OX2 provides more extensive US coverage and unique data elements.  Because we work with multiple data partners, we are able to structure more robust solutions that more closely fit our client's needs than single source solution providers, such as the credit bureau's and list providers.