OX2 Solutions Corporation was founded to take advantage of Oxxford Information Technologies unprecedented coverage of the small and medium U.S. businesses universe.  We derived OX2 from the unique spelling of Oxxford and appended Solutions to that abbreviation in order to clearly describe what we do -- which is to work with our clients to create customer, supplier, and marketing intelligence solutions and decision support tools. We now also partner with several other data sources to create dynamic, holistic solutions that provide our clients with a clear competitive advantage.


David Schmidt, President/COO, OX2 Solutions Corporation - Mr. Schmidt began his career in commercial credit and risk management with Dun & Bradstreet in 1976. A thought leader and industry analyst covering credit, collection and AR automation, he is co-author of "Power Collecting: Automation for Effective Asset Management," John Wiley, 1998. His skills include the efficient use, application and analysis of business and risk data within credit portfolios and small business scenarios.  Undergraduate: The University of Michigan.


Clifford Brundage, Executive VP, Oxxford Information Technology - Mr. Brundage has 25 years of experience in marketing and distribution as one of the co-founders and principals of Oxxford Information Technology. Prior to that he spent 15 years with Dun & Bradstreet in senior management positions. His expertise includes the application of commercial databases to solve problems in segmentation, business development and sales management. Undergraduate and MBA: NYU.

Raymond Greenhill, President and CEO, Oxxford Information Technology - Mr. Greenhill's extensive experience in strategic planning and market research is from his work at Booz-Allen and his position as head of corporate planning at a fortune 100 company. He is considered an authority on advanced technologies and databases for market segmentation and prospect analysis. Undergraduate: Wharton School; MBA: Harvard Business School.

Todd Love, Partner, Compass Ventures - Todd has 25 years of experience with both online and offline database product and business development.  Throughout his career, Todd has maintained crucial, senior-level Product and Corporate Development roles during the successful sale of 5 different companies.  His roles have included Founder, Partner, EVP Product Development, EVP Corporate Development, EVP Business Development, EVP Data Acquisition and EVP of Sales.  Todd holds a degree in Business and Communication from the University of New Hampshire.

John Seigman, CRO and Founder, HazardHub - John’s career has focused on making better, more profitable, decisions using better data. After working at San Diego Gas & Electric as a market researcher and modeler he then focused on geodemographic and geofirmographic data and models for Equifax National Decision Systems. John then spent over fifteen years in the geospatial realm – with an emphasis on spatial risk and taxation data covering utilities, insurance, government and gas & oil for Pitney Bowes and CoreLogic. John holds a MBA from San Diego State University in Marketing & International Business and a Bachelor’s in Marketing & Transportation from the University of Maryland.