OX2 and partner eBureau have reinvented predictive scoring with eScore, a service that enables rapid development and deployment of customized statistical scores. 

By integrating Oxxford's extensive business data with eBureau's consumer data and analytic capabilities, we are able to provide a more comprehensive perspective of the business and the people associated with the business.  The resulting business scores are used by our clients to increase acquisitions, boost efficiency, reduce losses and grow revenue.  With eScores, enterprises leverage  the benefits of big data assets and automated technology to obtain highly predictive scores for their most important decisions, including:

  • Marketing
  • Leads
  • Fraud Prevention 
  • Credit Assessment 
  • Collection Decisions

A variety of ready-to-use eScores add value to virtually any business-to-business enterprise or government agency that wishes to leverage data and analytics to improve decisions and results.

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Product Overview

eScore - rapid development and deployment of customized statistical scores

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