Assessments of the SMB marketplace on both a macro and micro level is significant undertaking due to the scope of American commerce and the enormous amount of data that must be examined to evaluate market position and establish effective segmentation strategies. To overcome these obstacles, we provide a 'road map' consisting of the following elements:

  1. Overall Market Size - A summarization of the number of firms and current product usage and demand by size of firm
  2. Industry Composition - An examination of the number of firms and product demand by major industry sector and size of firm
  3. Industry Concentration and Fragmentation - Identification of the share of product usage and industry commonalities within the top two digit major industry groupings
  4. Historic and Future Growth Potential - Analysis of the growth for each product category by major industry and size of firm based on historical data and econometric predictions
  5. Regional and/or Branch Analysis - An examination of differences between local geographic areas (county and sometimes smaller) based on elements such as product demand, industry composition, firm size, growth and risk
  6. Life Cycle and Risk Analysis - Firms are grouped and analyzed by factors such as industry, region, firm size, firm life cycle stage and risk to determine overall patterns.