Every company needs insights into their customers and markets in order to move ahead. Smart marketing, along with customer retention and optimization, requires access to actionable intelligence. OX2's Marketing Intelligence capabilities are driven by rich and unique databases, proprietary analytics, and 25 plus years experience serving financial institutions.  Our engagements deliver a wealth of knowledge that you can use to drive marketing efficiency and realize your market opportunities.


OX2 helps clients gain important insights into their business customer data. With over 25 years of experience working with the most challenging customer data integration projects, our match and append capabilities deliver industry-leading business match rates that often exceeding 80%. Armed with a set of highly matched and enriched data, our clients glean new insights into their customers' profile across many dimensions including firm-o-graphics, financial product needs, credit risk and much more. With our Customer Intelligence Solutions, we can help our clients:

  • Execute Cross-Sell Programs
  • Improve customer penetration
  • Build better models and generate predictive analytics
  • Create customer segmentation strategies
  • Quantify losses resulting from disaster scenarios
  • Build local economic, area risk data, and unique small business insights into your CECL process
  • Create Look-alike models
  • Gain market share


We size and analyze market areas from the micro to the macro. No matter how you slice and shape your market, OX2 can provide relevant data and analytics on your markets.  With our Market Intelligence Solutions, we help our clients:

  • Create customer market and trading areas
  • Target branch and new market opportunities
  • Size and scope markets
  • Analyze market share
  • Quantify business loans and deposits in a branch network
  • Benchmark performance against competitors


OX2 helps clients enhance and analyze data on their customers, their markets and their opportunities. We deliver analytics and intelligence via our packaged and custom data solutions, analytics and professional services. Here are our analytic offerings:

  • Hosted analytic solutions for business searching and querying
  • Custom Web Services to integrate with your apps and business processes
  • Rich segmentation and analytic variables on 35+ million US businesses
  • Unique risk variables including credit, geographic and operations risk
  • Custom apps and tools
  • Historic business database spanning 10 years and 115+ million businesses