We believe small businesses are best understood within the context of their marketsStudies have shown that management impact accounts for only 20 percent of performance, so it stands to reason local businesses are captive to their local markets.  This concept underlies our solutions for banking, insurance, wealth management, economic development, and corporate management.

Small business Acquisitions:

  • Identify likely business owners in your consumer portfolio

  • Identify business cross-sell opportunities using financial metrics and financial product use propensities

  • Identify external prospects with similar characteristics to your best customers (Look-alike Analysis)

  • Identify internal customers that meet SBA criteria for loans

  • Identify external businesses in your footprint that are prospects for SBA loans

  • Create highly targeted audiences based on wallet potential, product use propensity, business lifecycle, and risk

wealth Management:

  • Unique insights into business owner wealth by linking their business and their residence

  • Identify businesses without 401K or other pension plans (no ERISA filings)

  • Identify prospects for wealth management not readily found in other sources

Risk Management:

  • Small business financial risk scores (100 percent coverage)

  • Disaster Preparedness: Match and append environmental, industrial, sociological and financial risk overlays to your portfolio

  • CECL Compliance: Portfolio Monitoring that includes forward looking commercial and area risk scores

  • Economical and flexible access to credit report reports and other global data resources from the major credit bureaus

Small Business Insights:

  • Benchmarking: Complete financial profiles based on revenue industry, location, and revenue (up to $20 million)

  • Enhanced Demographics not available from the credit bureaus or list providers; including financial estimates, financial product use propensities, business lifecycle, secondary SIC/NAICs codes, local sales and employees (not just HQ level), risk scores, and more.

market Sizing & Analysis:

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis including industrial concentration and composition, historic and future growth potential, market penetration, consumer and small business opportunity, regional or branch area analysis, and competitive positioning

  • Small Business Market Opportunity Analysis for planning marketing campaigns and determining strategic direction

  • Bank Branch Analysis for strategic planning and actionable insights on branch acquisitions/closures

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