Through the use of Oxxford's proprietary data sources and analytics, we are able to select prospects that meet your specific product and service consumption criteria. To refine the prospect selection process even further, 'look alike' modeling is employed enabling marketers to target firms that most closely resemble their most profitable customers.  This technological and analytical synergy allows you to pinpoint your most profitable new business prospects and develop rational resource allocation plans to optimize ROI.  A partial list of categories include:

  1. Short and Long Term Debt
  2. SBA Loans
  3. Commercial Mortgages
  4. Commercial & Industrial Loans
  5. Commercial Leasing
  6. Credit Cards
  7. Wallet Size
  8. 401K Plans
  9. Insurance Products
  10. Trust and Investment Services
  11. Business Owner Wealth
  12. Commercial Real Estate
  13. Product Purchase Propensities
  14. Risk, Life Cycle and Growth Projections