Our SBA Market Insights Program is the result of 30 years experience working with financial institutions, large and small, providing them with market information to successfully expand their marketing activities in the Small Business Market.

The program is unique in the SBA Lending Market in comparison to other programs familiar to the industry. It is focused on identifying qualified SBA loan prospects in your local market, not businesses currently being financed under an SBA Loan Program.

The economic value of the Program is its ability to provide market information to support highly focused marketing programs that generate portfolio growth and higher returns on your marketing activities.

Here are a few examples of the type information we can provide to support your SBA Loan Program.

  • The Small Business Market nationwide includes 28 million businesses. What is not recognized is that roughly 15% of these businesses qualify for financing under either the SBA 7(a) or 504 Loan Programs. None of these businesses currently has an SBA Loan under either program, and we have identified who they are in your market.

  • Identifying qualified prospects for any marketing campaign can often be a difficult, inexact process requiring market analysis skills and resources only the large, national banks possess. We identify SBA loan prospects in your market at the Branch, County or State levels thereby driving efficiency in your marketing programs.

  • Do you want the capability to identify high value SBA loan prospects to improve your marketing activities? Your bank’s SBA Portfolio is the best source of information. We identify your best SBA customers by industry, size, product needs and risk profile and then match these “Look- A- Like” profiles to SBA prospects in your local market.

The SBA 7(a) and 504 Loan Programs have experienced significant growth in the past several years and have become more competitive. Are your SBA Program marketing activities keeping pace with the market?

Do any of these descriptions describe your SBA Loan Program?

  • Your bank has an SBA Lending Program that it is moderately successful but needs to make a bigger contribution to your bank’s portfolio growth? But how?

  • Your bank has a very successful SBA Loan Program which makes a significant contribution to bank profitability. Management wants to continue its growth, but is facing increased market competition. What does the bank need to do to gain competitive advantage?

  • Your bank has an SBA Lending Program that under performs because it needs a different approach to marketing its SBA loan product?  Where to start?

Even if none of these descriptions quite fit your circumstances we encourage you to learn more about our SBA Market Insights Program, and how it might apply to your SBA Program. Simply provide us with your contact information in the form on the right and you will hear from us.